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One years ago TODAY, I embarked on a journey like no other. A journey no one could have predicted the path it would lead. It would be an experience to change me life, to introduce me to a crew of go getters, a group like no other. I traveled to New York City on July 14th, 2019. I was introduced to nine strangers, with nothing in common except our passion for agriculture.
A little over a year ago I was selected to serve on the American Farm Bureau Partners in Advocacy Leadership Program, Class X. The PAL program is an intense two year leadership training program with ten farmers from across the country. I was chosen to represent California and advance myself as a leader in agriculture.

A year ago I landed in NYC and my life changed dramatically. I have nine of the best friends, friends I can truly depend on and rely on for advice, a good laugh and even a (virtual) shoulder to cry on.
We met again in October in Washington DC, after rounds of homework and development projects. It was like…

Backyard Fruit Orchard

Growing up, the beginning of summer was often marked by fresh fruit off the fruit trees lining the backyard of my parents’ house. My Dad planted a row of fruit trees right along the fence line, it was a little buffer, if you will, between the house and the walnut orchard. We had everything from apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples, figs, cherries, pomegranates and so much more. They made for a perfect afternoon treat when playing in the the backyard and my Dad loved picking the fruit and giving it away to friends and family. 
There is just something about backyard fruit that tastes so much better than store bought. Being able to pick the fruit right off the tree and enjoy it within seconds, it is just magical. I always knew I wanted that same experience in a fruit orchard when I grew up too. At our old house in town we had planted a nectarine, plum, lemon, and tangerine. We had just started being able to eat the fruits of our labor when we moved. In fact, I stripped the lemon…

Stay home Ag-tivities GIVEAWAY

Traditionally, today would be a day of getting back to normal. Easter Sunday is usually filled with gatherings, egg hunts and Mass. Monday is generally a travel day with no school and back to the grind on Tuesday. We celebrated a nice Easter at home, unlike our original plans. Last week was a spring break of sorts with a ‘stay-cation’ instead of going on a fun family vacation. So today, it’s back to mama homeschool, trying to keep my kids occupied with educational activities and continuing to keep them learning. It’s has been a real challenge for me to come up with ideas to not just teach the kids something new but do it in a fun way to keep their attention. Sure we have been provided with great lessons from their school and I had a few ideas myself. But after week three, I was searching for more. Well I am happy to announce I partnered with some great organizations to fill you with endless agriculture activities while you’re home AND I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY with some of their grea…

Almond Bloom

Bloom was a whirlwind of a season this year. It was late in arriving but made up for it in speed. We went from a few flowers on some edge trees to full bloom in about a week.
I wanted to share some of the beauty with you all. In case you do not follow me on social media, you really should. But here are a few of my favorites that I shared via my stories and wanted to share here too....a little progress of how fast bloom went.

Almond Day

Today’s the day! It’s Almond Day!

From health benefits, bee pollination partners, sustainability focused, zero waste, and best crop for the drop, there are so many things to celebrate about almonds.

Almonds are heart healthy and a great source of protein with 23 almonds per serving.

Dependent on bees to make a crop, growers are stewards to ensure bees have the best nutritious food as they come out of winter and swarm almond orchards throughout California.

We are committed to keep our farms sustainable and prosperous into the next generation by using our whole orchard recycling programs and incorporating prunings back into the soil to ensure healthy soils.

Almonds are a true zero waste product. In a world of increasing food waste and trying to stay focused on using everything we grow, almonds are a great snack to consider. The hull is used for food at dairies and beef feed lots. The shell is used for animal and landscape bedding. The kernel is course the nut we eat.


hello 2020

hello 2020 and goodbye 2019. I am so ready for a new year and a new decade. As I was reminiscing on the last decade and especially the last few years, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with a sense of loss and grief. The last three years we have had to say goodbye to loved one that we weren't expecting to say goodbye to. Of course, there were highs mixed in with those lows. This year, Tim and I will celebrate TEN years of marriage, we welcomed two kids over the last five years, we are finally getting settled in to our homestead in the country and professionally are accomplishing some pretty cool things.

I looked back on my Instagram top nine and was happy to see so many great memories. I love seeing so many happy moments to reflect on. I had the amazing opportunity to see and listen to President Trump as he spoke at the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting (1). I also had the opportunity to sit down an discuss agriculture solutions with our Governor Newsom (3). This Christma…