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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Harvest is done!

HARVEST IS DONE! Finished. Complete. Over. Ended. Final. No more!
Can you tell I am excited? In case you don't follow me on social media, we were so excited for harvest to be over we went on a mini family vacation to celebrate.
There is just something about working your hinny off for over two months that makes you want to celebrate when it's finally over.
empty elevator and shuttle cart
We started harvest this year at the beginning of August. We started off with a few hiccups but finally got the ball rolling the second full week of August. Others around us started the week or so earlier than we did. Some areas are still feeling the affects of the drought and their almonds come off earlier from the water stress. Some farmers have so many acres, they need to get the ball rolling before they get behind.
harvester picking up a final row
Once we were moving, harvest kept rolling through for a few weeks. Once nonpareil was all done shaking, there generally was a break around labor day. Then the pollinators come off after that. With so many different almond varieties out there, harvest timing can be totally different between growers.
We are finished, but some growers around us are still picking up almonds. Our final variety, Fritz, was slightly green still at the end of harvest. So instead of shaking straight through to finish, we had to take a few days break and wait for them to dry out more. Then, they were ready to shake and finish up. Once those final almonds were on the ground, it was pedal to the medal to finish sweeping and picking up. When the end is in the sight you just want to finish and be done. Not long after, we were.

And as harvest approached the finish line, we were headed out! My almond farmer husband has had two months of crazy hours, long days, exhausting work, and sweaty temperatures. He deserved a break. So off to the beach for a mini family vacation. We are blessed to live within two hours of a nice, relaxing beach to help us calm and refresh. Now on to the next chapter in almond farming.

Until Next Time,
Almond Girl Jenny