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Thursday, December 17, 2015

John Deere Birthday

I can't believe it but my little almond farmer turned one! This year has flown by and I have no idea where the time went. It seems like yesterday I was trying to figure out this whole Mommy thing and now I have a one year old! I have to tell you, I do not miss those newborn nights though. I cherish my sleep and I am so glad my little man sleeps 12 hours through the night.

So, when I started planning his first birthday it was no question what the theme was going to be. John Deere is the nursery theme and he loves playing with tractors. Both the real ones on the farm and the toy ones in his room. I just had to do a John Deere Birthday Bash too!

First step was deciding on invitations, and man are there options. I had a hard time deciding but I settled with these cuties. I loved the verbiage and the design of course. The etsy shop was also really easy to work with.

Next, was decor. I wanted to keep it simple but theme oriented. I started by displaying pictures from the year throughout the house. We have a great photographer who captured his milestones at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. I displayed the pictures with clothespins hanging on twine.
The birthday Boy of course had to wear a festive shirt for the big day! I wanted something that he could potentially wear after this birthday too. I liked the tractor design and that it had the number 1 as well as the simplicity behind the design and it wasn't too showy.

The cake I was pretty excited about! I saw this done on Pinterest so I had to recreate it too. I gave a picture to our local bakery shop and I think they did a great job! When our little family of three went in to blow out the candles, our little man got a little excited and plowed his hand into one of the cupcakes. So, I decided that would be his cupcake to eat. He took no time at all to devour the whole cupcake. He doesn't like to use hands. He just puts his whole face into the thing. And it was gone in no time!!

Favors were the final detail. I wanted something for adults and kids alike. Since, there was only a handful of babies and kids present, we needed something everyone could enjoy. I had decided on a candy buffet that was of course all green and yellow candies. I printed up a cute little sticker for some sacks and it was all set! My parents brought the "Oh Henry" candy bars that made a great addition to the little man's celebration!
It was so much fun to plan this celebration for my little almond farmer. I just can't get over that he is already one. Before you know it, I will planning birthday bash #2...

Until Next Time,
Almond Girl

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