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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Almond Meltaway Cookies

These adorable little boys agreed to be guest bloggers for these amazing almond meltaway cookies they baked. I happen to be friends with their aunt who is an avid baker and lover of all things almonds. No, I would say that is an understatement, she is a quite the expert baker. She is known for baking cakes just because or fixing up a plate of macaroons on a random night. She loves to be in the kitchen. So, when I saw that she was teaching her nephews how to bake and to use almonds as the ingredients, I just had to feature these cuties!

The boys loved to make these cookies but they might have enjoyed decorating them even more! These tasty cookies were decorated with brightly colored almond frosting, blanched and whole almonds as well as the ever-popular "we need more!" rainbow sprinkles! Because let's be honest, we all need more sprinkles in our lives!

These cookies have great flavor thanks to the almond extract in the cookie dough as well as frosting, making them extra nutty! Who doesn't love an extra almond punch in their delicious cookies? This recipe is also great for kids because you don't have to refrigerate it before you use it. No more waiting to roll out the dough, which means you can enjoy them quicker!

So, what are you waiting for...

Until Next Time,
Almond Girl

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