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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rocky Road Ice Cream

We just got back from a relaxing vacation over at the beach. We were welcomed home by 20 degree increase in weather and an increase in humidity that isn't very enjoyable. As we are getting ready to get those 105 degree days again, my heart melts for some ice cream. While on vacation we made Rocky Road Ice cream on the old fashioned ice cream makers. At home we have the ice cream makers you plug in, push on, walk away and come back in an hour and you have ice cream. Growing up I remember making ice cream with the old wooden makers with ice all around it and pouring rock salt on the ice while it churned. Well this is what we did on vacation too, and boy was it delicious!

After melting the chips with the milk
Adding all the extra deliciousness!

Until Next Time,
Almond Girl

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