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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome to my nutty life!

Welcome to my blog! I hope to take you on a journey of what it's like to be a farmers daughter and a farmers wife! I grew up in Northern California where my father farms almonds and walnuts. I went to college and met my husband who's family farms almonds in the Southern Central Valley of California. I thought it was perfect, one almond farmer falling in love with another almond farmer.

They only thing was he said it differently....what was an all-mend? I grew up saying am-end. This will forever be the argument in our house. What is the correct way to say it? If you are north of that Turlock line and you grew up in agriculture, you probably say am-end. If you farm in the southern end of the central valley and just about everywhere else, you look at us northerners weird when we say almond. Do you shake the L out of the them? Or maybe you say Salmon, so you say Am-end. I am not out looking to solve the ancient mystery of who says it right (even though I already know) ;) I am just looking to share my adventures with you. I will say something my father always said growing up 'Call it what you want to call it, just buy it'.

So for all you nutty people out there, go get some almonds and follow me on my adventures! I am already enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Until Next time-
The Almond Girl


  1. I have the same problem with how other people (yankees mostly) pronounce "pecan" - I wonder why nut names are controversial. Nobody disagrees on how to pronounce peanut, but then again, that's a legume rather than a nut so I guess it doesn't count. As much as I like to take "the girl's side" on this, I can't get behind you on how to pronounce almond, but agree with your father's philosophy: "Call it what you want to call it, just buy it."

    1. Thanks for your insight! That is what this blog is all about, starting conversation.